Study, research and reading skills

Strategies and skills to help with your studies, including how to research, and evaluate the information you find.

  • Mind mapping

    Whether you need to plan an assessment, brainstorm or take notes, mind mapping is an easy way to organise your information and ideas.

  • Active learning

    Tips and ideas for active learning to help you improve your memory and concentration, and make reviewing your work easier. 

  • Researching

    The research you need to do will be different for each assessment. The steps on this page will help you focus your research and make it more effective. 

  • Reading skills

    When you’re studying it’s important to be able to read effectively and efficiently. This page includes some reading strategies you could try.

  • Evaluating information

    Find out how to evaluate information and decide what you need for your assessment.

  • Critical thinking for reading and research

    Get tips for how to think critically and question information, ideas and arguments, so you can reach your own conclusion.


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