You can apply to graduate when you have completed the requirements of your qualification. You need to apply to graduate to receive your award. 

The qualification awarded to you determines what happens now.


National Certificates and Diplomas

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority awards National Certificates and Diplomas. We request these on your behalf.

If you are receiving a National Certificate a New Zealand or an Open Polytechnic Certificate, we will post your certificate to you. We'll also include an academic transcript showing the qualification awarded.

Qualifications awarded by other organisations

Some qualifications are awarded by external organisations such as the New Zealand Institute of Management. Information about how to apply for these awards will be in your course information.


National Diploma, New Zealand Diploma, Open Polytechnic Diploma or Degree

You can get your award at a graduation ceremony if you are graduating with:

  • a National Diploma
  • a New Zealand Diploma
  • Open Polytechnic Diploma (including Graduate Diplomas)
  • Degree.

You can also get these awards posted to you.


Attending a graduation ceremony

Graduation ceremonies are held in May each year.

If you want to attend a graduation ceremony you need to apply to graduate before 28 February. After this date we will send you further information about the graduation ceremony.

If you want to attend a graduation ceremony, but don't know if you are eligible to graduate or have not received your final marks, you can still apply. We will check your eligibility and if you have not passed or met the criteria we will contact you.


Getting your award posted  

If you are not able (or not eligible) to attend a ceremony, we will post your certificate to you, along with an academic transcript detailing your award. Your award will be listed in the in absentia section of the graduation booklet. 


Apply to graduate

The button below will take you to our 'Graduation and completion of study' forms. Find the application form for your qualification (certificate, diploma or degree), fill it out and submit it.



National Diploma / Certificates

To have your Diploma / National Certificate awarded by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), you need to complete the NZQA application form and return it to the Open Polytechnic. The NZQA application requires a payment of $15.30 for the certificate. The payment can be made to Open Polytechnic through Internet Banking. We are registered with all major banks to receive payment via online banking. You need to use your Open Polytechnic student ID number as a reference when making your payments.

Need help?

If you have any questions about applying to graduate contact our Academic Registry by email or phone:


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