How to request an assessment extension

It is important to try to complete your assessments on time, but if you need an extension you can apply through My Open Polytechnic.

Before you do, it’s important to think about how it will impact your other assessments, or time you may need for resubmissions before the end of your course. 

How long assessment extensions are for

You can request an extension if it is available in MyOP on the ‘Request an assessment extension’ page.

  • Each assessment extension is normally up to seven days.
  • You can submit a request for another extension after you receive the confirmation email. Please read the email carefully to check your new assessment due date.
  • If you need an extension that goes past your course end date you can apply for Special Consideration.

Extension requests can take up to 24 hours to process at peak times.


Assessment due dates

You must submit your assessment on or before the due date. You can check these in MyOP and in your course in iQualify.

If your course does not show assessment due dates in My Open Polytechnic check the Assessments or Tasks tab in your online course for the recommended assessment submission dates. You do not have to apply for an assessment extension if you cannot meet these dates, but you must submit your assessments on or before your course end date.

If you submit an assessment late it will not be marked. For more information refer to the Academic Statute.


How to apply for an extension

  1. Log into My Open Polytechnic
  2. Click 'Assessment Extension' in the top navigation
  3. Select the course you want to apply for an assessment for and if the extension option is available to you, choose your assessment and reason
  4. Click 'Submit'.

Go to My Open Polytechnic


Finding your new assessment due dates after getting an extension

  • You will get a confirmation email with your new due date. Read this email carefully to check your new assessment due dates.
  • Extension dates update on your My Open Polytechnic homepage, but not in iQualify. Only quizzes and interactive access task dates will update in iQualify. These take two working days to update because we process them manually.

What to do if you still need more time

If exceptional circumstances have disadvantaged you in your studies and you need more time beyond your extension or the end of your enrolment period, you can apply for Special Consideration. You should apply before your due date, and before your course end date.

Note: Some courses do not permit an extension beyond two weeks, even under special consideration.

Application for Special Consideration



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