Assessment moderation

The Open Polytechnic operates a fully resourced assessment centre that can assist with your organisation's assessment moderation requirements anywhere in New Zealand. 

Assessment moderation and validation

We provides flexible, fully digital moderation services to assist you with your quality assurance of assessment materials and marking outcomes. Services include:

  • moderation and verification of results
  • pre-moderation of assessment materials
  • professional advice.

Our assessment centre manages pre-assessment moderation and post-assessment validation of all assessment types and learner results. This can help provide external assurance to your organisation. Our external moderation of assessment services gives an independent endorsement that your assessments and marking decisions are reliable and valid.

Contact our Commercial team to learn more about our assessment moderation services and what we can do to help your team.

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Pre-assessment moderation

Pre-assessment moderation ensures assessments meet the national standard. It includes detailed feedback and recommendations so you can revise all of your assessments to meet the required national standard. This involves the critique of the assessment task and documentation including marking rubrics to ensure alignment with the required learning outcomes. This provides you with confirmation of whether the assessment is fit for purpose and additional recommendations for improvement.

Post-assessment moderation

Post-assessment moderation provides a review of a sample of completed assessments that have been marked by your assessors or tutors. This includes consistency of marking, the sufficiency of provided evidence, feedback to the learner and assessment tools. This provides validation of the assessment decisions as well as commentary on required or recommended improvements.

From this information, we can then support your organisation on developing additional rubrics, examples or running moderation workshops to ensure consistency in marking decisions

Post-assessment validation

Post-assessment validation is a systematic review of all assessor decisions within a course, a group of courses, or programme of study. Scope is focussed on the sufficiency of provided evidence and aims to verify that assessor decisions are reliable and valid. We will often provide this service to clients when NZQA identify concerns with how an assessment has been marked and can help identify inconsistency or problems with your existing marking process.

It also ensures that assessor decisions are based on the Assessment Schedule. This form of external moderation will ensure your markers are consistent and fair with their marking distribution.

Want to know more?

Contact our Commercial team to learn more about our assessment moderation services and what we can do to help your team.

Contact the Commercial team


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